Michael Larkin Speaks at Engineers Australia

The design of 3 phase transformers has been standard for some years. However, with the introduction of new magnetic material and the ever increasing demand for power efficiency, we are constantly developing new designs to meet these efficiency requirements.

Recently our team at Tortech has researched IP56 3 phase transformer design for the NSW State Railway using special stainless steel enclosures. We have successfully overcome the problem of high temperature failures by using air cooled transformers. The solution is in using thermodynamic principles incorporated in with the Electrical transformer design. In addition, our Solar Isolation Transformer Design incorporates the perfect solution for minimising the core losses, and thereby improves the efficiency and temperature characteristics of the enclosed transformer.

This has enabled the Solar Inverters to operate more efficiently and provide substantial cost savings to the customer. The talk will review some of Tortech’s R & D research areas including:

1) Calculation of temperature rise of enclosed 3 phase air cooled transformers
2) Use of different core steel characteristics based on application
3) Design of IP56 stainless steel enclosures for 3 phase transformers
4) The solution for the problem of “in rush” current for railway applications
5) The use of aluminium windings in air cooled transformers
This talk will review the innovation in winding techniques and cooling calculations that have been developed recently for the major industry applications in Mining, Railway, Transport and Solar Power. The talk will be stimulating and interesting to both the experienced engineers and those new to the workplace.

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