Tortech Medical Transformers support Australian Hospital ICUs.

The last 2 years have proven the enormous need for resource upscaling capacity in ICU’s nation wide in Australia to deal with the pandemic. Medical transformers provided by Tortech have been in demand for this application.

Medical Transformers protect sensitive equipment such as those in ICU’s from EMF line noise and power surges. Protection for sensitive electronic equipment in patient care facilities is often essential for such applications.

Tortech received an positive endorsement from Canberra hospital:
“We are happy to endorse Tortech P/L as a recommended supplier of the product (Isolation Transformer)we co-designed to our specification, for this project and the product is currently in use within ICU Department of Canberra Hospital. During this project we found Tortech P/L have high level of technical and production knowledge required to turn product ideas in to success full products which are compliant to all stringent standard requirements of medical  applications.” Shiva S Canberra Hospital.

Tortech has a vast experience of designing toroidal transformers to meet the requirements of IEC 601 and UL 544.
The most important aspects of designing a transformer to UL 544 requirements are construction, leakage current, and abnormal operation as defined in UL 544 sections 19, 27, and 41, respectively.
Unless the customer dictates otherwise, we use construction called out in paragraphs 19.4C or E of UL 544.
Medical transformers can be supplied with either multiple IEC plugs or with Australian outlets.

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