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Please note our website will only allow shipping within Australia, NZ and select asia pacific countries.

The significant weight of transformers means these items incur high international shipping costs and customs charges.

International orders over $500 AUD - Note: We do not organise, pay for or take responsibility for shipping to overseas customers for orders over $500

Payment for overseas orders must be made by wired deposit, we do not accept credit cards for international payments over $500.

All arrangements must be made by the customer with regards to overseas freight and no liability is applied to Tortech L/P in the event that the item goes missing in transit internationally.

International customers must have their own established account with one of these three reputable shipping companies : UPS / DHL / FedEx.

The validity of these accounts will be checked with the relevant freight companies. We do not accept shipping via other less reputable freight companies.


Shipping to overseas is reviewed on a case by case basis.  Please enquire here if you have an overseas order.

Tortech LP cannot be held responsible for products damaged by transit, fire, storm, water or other components or parts not supplied by Tortech LP or any condition not caused by the product’s operation.