Question: Why is frequency a concern?
Answer: Stepdown Transformers convert the voltage but not frequency.  No Transformer can change the Frequency (Hertz or Cycles of the power).
Australia = 50Hz  Frequency
America = 60Hz  Frequency
Frequency difference may effect some appliances but fortunately is a very small percentage of equipment.

Effected equipment includes:
USA Microwaves, Hair Trimmers , Turntables, Dog clippers, Analogue clocks and timers and Fluorescent lights are frequency sensitive and may have issues.

Frequency Impact on USA Motors?
From our experience and in house testing, Tortech stepdowns run perfectly with devices with USA motors even with the frequency difference (50hz in Australia) and this does not degrade or damage a USA notor overtime. Our transformers compensate for the load on the motor caused from the frequency difference. Due to the frequency shift from 60 to 50hz this effects the heating in the motor due to the larger field in the magnetic circuit of the motor, however this has been compensated in our stepdowns by setting the input voltage at 110v not 120v to guarantee the longevity of the insulation structure of the motor by reducing the induction in the magnetic circuit of the motor. You can read more about this here.

Question: Hair Clippers? Andis/ Wahl Frequency Hertz change can effect Clippers
Answer: Hair and Dog Clippers from the USA are effected by the Frequency (Hertz) difference (Australia is 50Hz – USA 60Hz)
Many Clippers may tend to be overloaded running on 50Hz Here, so you may need a custom unit made for this. Some will work OK, but many types will be affected. It may vibrate too quickly when turned on or shake too violently. Please check if you have speed adjustment (screw on the side) this may solve the problem. If you don’t have this, you will need our discuss the type of hair clippers with our team to determine the correct transformer for you. We also would need to have your clippers checked at our office first so they must be brought to us to test and check.

Analogue clocks – timers:
Our stepdowns don’t change the Frequency so check if your device is frequency sensitive or has a timer or analogue clock please ask us before you purchase a stepdown.
If it has a frequency switch on your appliance then flick it to 50hz. Clocks may run slower or out of time.

USA Turntables and Frequency concerns:
To check – see the little motor of the spindle of your turn table –
If AC motor a stepdown transformer will not work with it due to frequency conflict (60hz USA) ,
If DC it will work with it (50hz AUS).

Question: American TVs LCD PLASMA or LED ? Frequency concerns ? 
Answer: Most televisions will automatically adapt to either frequency, but there are some that don’t. The scan speed and picture quality may be affected if the system does not automatically adapt to the different frequency. Check with the manufacturer to see if the 60Hz will cause any problems. 

Question: Will USA Microwaves work with you stepdown?
Answer: Most USA Microwave ovens are typically designed for 60hz and will not work with our stepdowns.

Question: US Fluorescent Lights?
Answer: Lights with Electronic ballasts may work.
Please check this on your equipment. If no mention of electronic ballast your US Fluro lights won’t work due the the frequency difference. Electronic ballast is solid state electronic circuitry to provide proper starting and operating Electrical conditions to power one or more fluorescent lamps. Electronic ballast are often based on SMPS (switch mode power supply) topology, first rectifying the AC power to DC and then chopping it at a high frequency. These types of electronic devices should not be affected by input AC frequency. Convectional ballast which are magnetic inductors are affected by the input frequency.

Question: USA Sewing Machines will they work? 
Answer: If your sewing machine has a DC motor your machine (which most do) it won’t be effected by the frequency hertz difference – most have a DC motor these days. However if it has an AC Motor it will be effected.
Why ? If it is a DC motor the power is feed from a  transformer then a rectifier . There will be limited Ac frequency effect because of the rectifier.
Most new Brother sewing machines have Dc motors and work fine – most need our 100w stepdown transformer