Faraday Presentation – Macquarie University

On the 3rd of May 2019, Michael Larkin visited Macquarie University to conduct his presentation on ‘Transformers from Faraday to the Future. What’s Next?’.

This presentation was held in an open room for any students or staff who wished to attend. Michael discussed the past, present and future of transformers in the electrical engineering field.

The topics covered the first electromagnetic induction principles discovered by Michael Faraday, to modern developments and testing methods of transformers, and lastly the future for dry-type transformers.

The students and staff were shown these principles through different experiments including magnetic conductivity in different materials, as well as how a Faraday cage operates.

The following photos and video attached show Michael during his presentation to the room, as well as Michael and Tortech staff with Professor Jahangir Hossain.

Mr. Larkin was quite honoured to be able to present this at Macquarie University, and would like to thank Professor Jahangir Hossain at the School of Engineering for his time in organising and hosting this event, as well as the support of his staff.

Tortech looks forward to the next opportunity to work with or present again for Macquarie University.

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