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LED Tubes

The Tortechlighting difference: Our LED Lights hold certificate of suitability and are Approved by NSW Department of Fair Trade for safety and installation 

NSW department of fair trading has decreed that the only Legal LED tubes are the ones where the power is fed from one side only** (single ended tubes)

Led tubes with power fed from both ends are now illegal in Australia and are dangerous.  

Features of the Tortech T8 tube:


  Fin shape aluminium alloy design for fastest heat dissipation

  180 degree viewing angle, perfect lighting effect without dark area

  Self-research high efficiency power supply

  Available for one end power

  Safety standard: CE and RoHS  

  High quality constant current driver to keep the long life of LED tube 

  High output LED light to meet the replacement of fluorescent tube 

  UV, Infrared, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury free.

  LED lamps available in Natural White 4000K and cool white (see below)

  Good cooling design - surface temperature below 40 deg C

  2 Year Australian warranty

  Fully approved for legal installations, CTick and NSW Dept Fair trade approvals - see approvals

  NSW IPART & VIC VEET approval on select models for government scheme rebates

  The Tortech Lighting difference is in the LED Chip & driver Technology - read more   

  Tortech Lighting general brochursee here


  Financial savings? Work out your savings when converting to LED lights by using our handy savings calculator here

  Onsite Assesment: We offer a free onsite assessment of your current lighting requirements and cost benefit      analysis including taking into account government grants for changing over to LEDs. Call 0296426003.

 Click Play for demonstration:


Video: LED Savings versus conventional fluorescents


Video 2 - Performance capabilities and industrial applications


Video 3 -  Benefits and extent of it's use in various applications.


 Approved for Government Rebates*

1.  Specifications - Part Number: LTS-T8N4C09 LTS-T8NB18-0L TS-T8N4B20-0 LTS-T8N4A23-0
Power 9W 18W 20W 24W
Dimension (mm) 26*602(2FT) 26*1212(4FT) 26*1212(4FT) 26*1513(5FT)
LED Quantity (pcs) 120 240 270 336
Luminous (Frosted lens) 800lm±10% 1500lm±10% 1700lm±10% 2000lm±10%
Luminous (Clear Lens) 900lm±10% 1600lm±10% 1800lm±10% 2100lm±10%
Operation Temperature -20ºC to 40ºC
Storage Temperature -40ºC to 85ºC
Voltage AC100-240V
Frequency: 60HZ/50HZ
Power Factor: >0.95
Power supply Efficiency >0.86

2. Mechanical Specifications:

Beam Angle: 180º

Light-emitting surface: 180º

Isolated power supply Material: Aluminium alloy

Latest lockable rotating end cap

Frosted or clear cover available on request

Weight: 588MM/178.2g, 1198mm/416.6g, 1498mm/510g

4. Installation Instructions:  Click here for guide

LED Luminous Efficiency:

> 100lm/w


CRI >70 or>80


Natural White 4000K

3. Photometric specifications and colour temperatures :

  We mostly sell lights with Natural 4500K colour as its popular with offices and tasked based environments, best on the eye for concentration. 

  Cool white 6000K less popular. Has more blue tones - ‘bluer’ than ‘normal’ lamps and are generally used for special applications only like showrooms & hospitals.

  Frosted diffuser covers also available to reduce glare.


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