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Split core CT Current transformer

Split core current CT transformers Australian supplier 

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Split core CTs have a removable section, so that they can be installed without interrupting the circuit.

A split core current transformer for coupling monitoring apparatus to a current carrying conductor includes a two-piece annular core structure formed by first and second arcuate core assemblies having windings, connectable to the monitoring apparatus, wound on laminated core sections, the laminated core sections each including a plurality of flat lamination elements arranged in a stacked configuration with alternate elements having generally circular end portions which project beyond the main body portion of the arcuate core section at each end thereof defining generally circular gaps...

The DP series of current transformers have been especially designed to facilitate their installation in new or already existing networks. 
Thanks to its split core they may be installed without opening any cable or bus bar circuit. 
The connection of conventional CTs usually requires the interruption of the primary side circuit to pass cables or bus bars through the transformer core or to connect such cables to the primary terminals. The DP series transformers core may be easily opened and they may be installed and connected without any supply interruption, thus saving time and installation costs.

The main features of DP transformers are:

  • * Small size and easy mounting 
  • * Wide inner window, allowing clamping of big cables or bus bars
  • * Wide range of sizes to accommodate all the existing installations 
  • * High accuracy and reliability

split core transformer

split-core  ct current transformer
 Currently Available in 5 Amp  Secondary Only
Technical data & Specification:

Split Core CT Tortech

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