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Power Line conditioners

Power Line conditioners are a device designed to improve the quality of the power that is delivered to electrical load equipment.

Note: Power line filters just filter out high frequency noise and transients but a powerline conditioner does this & also regulates the voltage.

The Line Conditioner is designed to provide relatively constant output voltage when there are substantial fluctuations in the supply voltage.

It is also used to isolate the critical load from both common-mode and transverse-mode electrical noise.

The Line Conditioner may be considered as a combination of a voltage regulatorand an electrical noise filter.

Fluctuating supply voltage and electrical noise cause 99.5% of power related computer problems. 

We sell Line conditions (both enclosed and open) - please enquire 02 9642 6003


  •   Supply voltage 240VAC +/- 15% , single phase or three phase
  •   Output voltage regulated to 240VAC +/-3%
  •   Inherent short circuit protection
  •   Safety to AS3108
  •   Provides a sinusoidal output with <3% harmonic distortion irrespective of of supply voltage distortion
  •   Durrable ferroresonant style tranformer design
  •   High Efficiency , typically 90%
  •   Available in open frame or enclosed style
  •   Non standard voltage options available on request

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  1. Power line conditioners

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    Power line conditioners
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