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Outdoor Garden lighting transformer


Outdoor Garden lighting low voltage Transformers  12V and 24V  AC  Order Below

Tortech's garden transformers are light weight, highly energy efficient water-safe making them ideal for outdoor lighting & Christmas lights

Please note: these outdoor transfromers support AC 12v and 24v output For DC output see here.

  Weatherproof protection from water in all direction 

  Approved safe with IP 66 Rating for outdoor use

  Approval number with NSW Department fair trade.

  Fully water proof fuse designed to eliminate the possibility of an electrics shock

    (as defined in IEC standards 65 and 257) 

  Included is a special safety fuse which eliminates the possibility of electrocution.

The practical and safe design of our transformers make them 100% ideal for use outdoors and for an amazing Christmas lights display. All transformers come with approved outdoor IP66 safety ratings

Although Christmas lights and garden lights look nice, the need for electrical safety is often not considered. As well as being not nice to look at, extension cords and power boards strung along the yard can be a potential hazard and possibly fatal.


The Tortech difference:

An important difference is our Toroidal core (donut shaped) transformer construction of our outdoor transformers means their very efficient and have a very low idle power requirement. Others sell the EI (square) transformers which are not as power efficient.


Click here for our idle current efficiency ratings.



Safety: Tortech outdoor transformers provide 2 important methods of protection : 

) Self resetting overload protection - so should an overload occur the transformer will shutdown overload. 

2 ) A Safety fuse which is waterproof


Features of Tortech Outdoor Transformers:


tick.gif Low Voltage Outdoor Safe, all AC rated not DC

tick.gif Outdoor weather proof IP 66 rated

tick.gif Self resetting over load protection & safety fuse

tick.gif 1 Year warranty

tick.gif 12V & 24V models available

tick.gif Terminal block included

Why Tortech outdoor transformers? - Click play:

Size reference diagram:


To help you decide which transformer is correct for your situation contact us here & we will advise you.

See our technical guide sheet for outdoor transformer wiring and voltage drop.

We sell high quality low voltage cables 10mm and 3.3mm see below.

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  1. 60 watt outdoor Transformer 12v
  2. 100 watt Outdoor Transformer 12v
  3. 100 watt Outdoor Transformer 24v
  4. 200 Watt Outdoor Transformer 12v
  5. 300 watt Outdoor Transformer 12v
  6. 300 Watt Outdoor Transformer 24v
  7. 500 watt Outdoor Transformer 12v
  8. 500 Watt Outdoor Transformer 24v
  9. Low voltage Cable 3.3mm2

    Low voltage Cable 3.3mm2      Part No. CG-3.3

    $2.9 Price Per Metre - Garden light approved cable Twin Sheath (Black)

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  10. Low voltage Cable 10mm2

    Low voltage Cable 10mm2      Part No. CG-10

    $8.70 Price Per Metre - Garden light approved cable Twin Sheath (Black) 

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10 Item(s)

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