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INV Electronic Pure sine wave power inverter

We sell a range of Pure Sine wave Inverters that convert 12v , 24v & 48VDC to 240 volt AC 

       All Tortech power inverters range  is approved to CE standards for EMC and radio interference

       The Output Australian Socket is approved by the NSW department of Fair Trading.

       All units come with a 1 Year warranty.

       All units are tested on load on the battery prior to dispatch 

       Customer support and servicing provided

       Our Inverter manual is available for download here


Quality standards


Why Pure Sine Wave?

With pure sine wave, certain appliances start easier and run cooler. 

Some equipment will only operate properly with true sine wave power such as laser printers, variable speed motors and digital clocks. It is important to oversize your inverter if the reactive loads (i.e motors) are supplied by true sine wave.

Waveform is an important consideration when choosing an inverter. Pure sine wave inverters provide premium power that is identical to or even better than power supplied by your utility company. 

Note: a 24v inverter may be needed if the power of the Inverter is large:

If larger than 2500w then the preferred input voltage is 24v not 12v . 

With 12v 2500w DC current is 210amps With 24v 2500w DC current is 105 amps. 

So you can use smaller cables with 24v then 12v. This means your minimise the voltage drop from the input to the output terminals of the inverter

Which Inverter suitable for my device: - Should I use an electronic or transformer based Inverter?


 1 ) The below inverters are eletronic and are subject to limited overload capacity. The maximum overload is 2 times rated power for a fraction of a second. This means it is not suitable to powering reactive loads like motors, pumps, TVs, refrigerators, pump driven appliances, due to the large in-rush turn on current.


2 ) These inverters are not suitable for vibration applications, including caravans and vehicles, which will cause vibration . This will damage these inverters. and can cause damage/disconnection to components inside the inverter.


3 ) Do any of these appliances contain elements such as a compressor, motor, pump or heating element?
Appliances carrying these listed elements will have special requirements. As their start up requirement will greatly exceed their listed continuous power requirement, you will require a much larger rated Inverter, with the continuous capacity to cover this initial start-up requirement.

If your device is applicable to any of the above the criteria we highly recommend our  transformer based inverters which are available here.  Transformer based inverters have higher surge capabilties, more durable for vechicles and offer greater overoad capacity.

Technical specifications of our Electronic Inverter Range :  



Play: The difference between electronic & transformer Based Inverter:


  • Heavy duty silicone leads available here. 
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