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Centralised MV Powerplant Transformer-Dry Type

Tortech Dry type or Resin cast - Grid connect transformers are used to connect the inverter output to LV or MV Grid.

Tortech has over 30 years experience manufacturing transformers ranging from 30VA to 4MVA as dry solid cast resin type units.

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Contact us - 3 Phase isolation transformer

These transformers provide electrical isolation and are effective in filtering HF harmonics with an inter-winding earth screen.

100 kVA 11kV/415V 4% F/H/C 0.400 kW 1.570 kW 590
315 kVA 22kV/11kV/415V 4% F/H/C 0.880 kW 3.460 kW 1180
750 kVA 33kV/22kV/11kV/415V 4% F/H/C 1.450 kW 6.620 kW 2120
1000 kVA 33kV/22kV/11kV/415V 6% F/H/C 1.670 kW 8.130 kW 2700
1600 kVA 33kV/22kV/11kV/415V 6% F/H/C 2.450 kW 11.730 kW 3740
2000 kVA 33kV/22kV/11kV/415V 6% F/H/C 3.320 kW 14.450 kW 4150
2500 kVA 33kV/22kV/11kV/415V 6% F/H/C 4.010 kW 17.170 kW 4810
3000 kVA 33kV/22kV/11kV/415V 8% F/H/C 4.950 kW 19.850 kW 5500
3500 kVA 33kV/22kV/11kV/415V 8% F/H/C 5.450 kW 24.450 kW 6450
4000 kVA 33kV/22kV/11kV/415V 8% F/H/C 5.930 kW 27.000 kW 7100

For larger ratings, please refer to Tortech's Epoxy Resin Cast transformers.

IP00 (Open transformer) IP23 (Indoor rating) IP33 (Out door rating) IP56 (Outdoor rating) - Stainless Steel 316 Marine Grade

 Special Features:

  • Our MV grid connect transformers feature special design to suit ABB PVS, SMA SCS, Schneider Conext series and Fronius centralised solar inverters.
  • Maintenance free - flame retardant F1 class epoxy resin cast units available.
  • Option of using highly economical aluminium sheet winding to minimise costs and eddy current loss.
  • Inter-winding copper earth screen between windings to attenuate any harmonics present in the inverter output. 
  • Electro tinned copper terminations to ensure a low resistance LV and MV connection.
  • Bottom/top/side cable entry available with fibre glass/Brass gland plate available.
  • Bi-directional wheels/special hot dip galvanised C- channels for forklift access from the front/side to suit installation. 
  • The transformers can be built with a K factor of 4 to compensate the heating effect of higher order harmonics.
  • The neutral bus bar is also oversized to carry harmonic currents. Isolated earth connection points available.
  • The transformers can also be manufactured as three winding units for split phase inverter systems.
  • Standard vector connections for three winding centralised transformers are Dyn11yn11, Dy5y5 and Ynd11d11. Other vector connections are available on request.
  • Transformers can be custom manufactured up to 1MVA and 1kV as dry type (VPI) Vacuum Pressure Impregnated units.
  • For systems up to 3000kVA and 33kV please refer to Resin Cast transformers
  • Stainless steel rating plate to AS 60076 and comprehensive installation manual for maintenance/ commissioning available in English.
  • HV/LV Cable box entry/exit options available.

IP rating: Indoor rating (IP21-23), Outdoor rating (IP32,42,56 and 65)

Typical transformer enclosures are shown below,

Enclosure material: Standard -1.5mm Zinc Seal steel powder coated transformer APO grey (RAL 7035).

Special enclosures with UV stabilised paint and marine grade stainless steel 316 material are also available for applications subject to the impact of corrosion.                                                                  

Tap changing: +/- 2.5%, +/- 5% HV taps - typical, Off-circuit tap links are provided on the transformer.

Terminations: Electro tinned copper bus bar connections to ensure a low resistance connection.

Cable supports on the enclosure suited for multiple high current cables provided.

Sensors: PT100 temperature sensor and temperature controller unit provided as an option.

Standards: AS/NZS 60076.11, AS 2374, AS 60529, EP 17 00 00 00 16, QLD Rail Standards.

Routine test Certificate Includes:
  • Winding resistance measurement
  • Ratio and phase angle measurement
  • Impedance voltage, short-circuit impedance and load loss measurement
  • No load loss and magnetising current measurement
  • Induced over-voltage withstand test to test the inter-turn insulation.
  • Seperate source voltage withstand test
  • Insulation resistance measurement.
  • Partial discharge test guaranteed energy levels of <10pC for Resin Cast transformer units.


Type test Certificate:
  • Temperature rise test to AS 60076.11: 2004 Dry type power transformers.
  • Lightning impulse test to AS 60076.11.3 Insulation levels

Special test Certificate:

  • Noise pressure level measurement test
  • All tests are performed using NATA Calibrated test and measurement equipment.



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