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Balanced Power Supply

Balanced Studio Power Supply for high end audio use

Balanced Studio Power Supply

Australian made

Clean up your mains power! And clean up your sound.


 (Manufactured Under License for Peach Audio)


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The Balanced Studio Power Supply converts conventional unbalanced single-phase mains power to symmetrical balanced power. As a power supply for a studios audio equipment, this eliminates most of the spurious components in a studios mains supply, providing a clear, solid earth. By eliminating reactive current in the earth, this lowers the studio noise floor, extends frequency response and improves stereo imaging.


tick.gif2000 VA rating (higher models custom made)
tick.gifProvides True Balanced 240V Power
tick.gifRemoves Power Line Noise
tick.gifEliminates Ground Loops in House Wiring
tick.gifReduces Radiated Fields from Power Cords
tick.gifSoft Start Protects Equipment From Turn-On Surges
tick.gifReduces Interference Between    Equipment

tick.gifTemperature/Overload  Protection

Balanced power supply Tortech

Why do I need it?

All our local main power distribution is unbalanced. So its vulnerable to interference in the same way as unbalanced audio lines, and there is plenty of interference to pick up: from motors, fluorescent lights, switch-mode power supplies and dozens of other reactive loads. All of these feed spurious harmonics and out of phase components back into the mains. The more devices on the circuit, the more these reactive currents can go into the earthing system. The resulting noise in your grounding system is a major contributor to a studios “noise floor”- that stubborn residual noise and hum you just cant get rid of, Star earthing scheme, power conditioning and cable routing cant solve it. The Balance Studio Power Supply eliminates these reactive power components in exactly the same way as balanced audio circuits eliminate external noise. The reactive currents in a balanced power circuit sum to zero at the power supplys earth.

You will immediately notice everything is quieter. There is an audible improvement in frequency response and stereo imaging. Even digital transfers are cleaner.

How does it remove power line noise?
Transformers only respond to voltage differences between their leads.  Power lines often have a type of noise called common mode noise which is present on both the neutral and hot wire.  The Balanced Power Supply contains a massive toroid transformer that reject much of this noise.

But what about noise on just the hot wire?
The output of the Balanced Power Supply contains heavy filtering to eliminate much of this noise.  Often times, audio equipment itself generates noise that gets fed back into the power line.  The noise is then free to invade other equipment.  Power amps with laminated power transformers can be the worst offenders.  The heavy filtering on the output can help to eliminate much of this noise.

What is a ground loop?
A ground loop occurs when different equipment grounds are at different voltages, causing noisy ground currents to flow between them.  The Balanced  Power Supply creates a new ground called a derived ground, that decouples equipment connected to it from these circulating ground currents in the rest of the house wiring.  It also provides one common ground reference for all the equipment connected to it. 

How does it reduce radiated fields?
Because the power is delivered by two out of phase signals, the electric fields produced by each should largely cancel.  This reduces noise caused by radiated fields.  This is same principal used with twisted pair cable but in reverse.  Instead of rejecting noise, power carrying cables dont radiate noise in the first place.

How does if reduce interference between equipment?
Most modern electronic equipment uses switching regulators in their power supplies.  These devices can produce RF noise that can couple through the power cord to other equipment The balanced power supply provides a very low impedance to the connected equipment which shorts out this high frequency noise.  Some users have reported improvements in large screen video performance.   

How does the unit provide a soft start?
By using a simple and reliable thermal device, inrush currents on start up are greatly reduced.  As the thermal device heats up in a few seconds, normal power currents are restored.  Very simple.  Very effective.



The power supply simply plugs into any single phase general purpose outlet. All your audio equipment should then be connected to its built-in socket. Every thing will work exactly as normal.



RCDs (Safety Switches) are only effective if they are plugged into the supply. Safety switches on your main switchboard will NOT protect equipment connected to the power supply. We recommend you use an appropriate safety switch on the power supplys output socket.


  • Lower studio noise floor by up to 15dB.

  • Dramatically improves stereo imaging.

  • Extends frequency response.

  • Reduces listener fatigue.

  • Eliminates video hum bars.

  • Reduces mains noise problems in class A valve amplifiers & noisy guitar amps.              

  • Solves most earth loop problems without compromising safety earths.

 Key features

  • Soft start.

  • Over temperature  protection – self resetting.

  • Overload protection by 10A HRC industrial fuse or Circuit Breaker.

  • Electrostatic shielding.

  • RFI filtering.

  • Made to Australian standard AS 3108-1994.

  • 3 years conditional warranty (as long as it is used within specifications)

  • Professional backup service.

For Pricing or Quote:  RING 0438 372 329 or email

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