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Step Up Transformers

Step Up Transformers - USA to Australian Voltage Converter - Run your Aussie Equipment in America!

A "Step up" Transformer is the ideal solution if you want to run an Australian appliance designed for 240 Volts on American Power at 110V or any other Voltage.

This transformer converts 110/115/120 Volts into 240 Volts to allow your AUSTRALIAN appliance to work Overseas in the USA.


We can also build converters to Order, for other Countries and Voltages.  Please Enquire Direct.

Simply plug the transformer into the Power socket & your device into the AUST power outlet & you're ready to go!


Quality standards

CTick Approved

tick.gifAll our Step Ups come with a 1 Year Money Back Warranty!

tick.gif Unlike others, our unti are designed to run continuously 24/7read why important

tick.gif Tortech difference - the power saving, high efficiency toroidal transformer inside

tick.gif We use two methods of safety protection:  

tick.gif 1. A safety Fuse for short circuit Protection.

tick.gif 2. Thermal overload protection in the winding of the transformer.

tick.gif Strong Carry handle, Enclosed strong metal construction with rubber feet

These features ensure your device runs safely.


Note: in the USA input power max is 15 amps This means 15 x120v = This means maximum power of about 1800 watts is available.

Click here to read why we dont supply our recommend multi step-up / step down transformers..


To Help determine which Step Up Transformer you will need, please check these questions first:


1. What is the total watts used by the appliances to be connected to the Transformer?

Select from our range below, based on how many watts your device uses

Choose the unit with matching power rating or the next one up.

Most appliances have a rating label on them.

E.g: If your device uses 380 Watts you will need a 500 watt step up transformer.

2. If a timing device is included the speed of the device may change if the Frequency changes, eg. 50Hz to 60Hz.

The Transformer cannot change Frequency. In most cases this will not be a problem. This may occur with Fans and Motors.

3. Do you know the Amps of your device? - if so you can calculate the watts required:

Calculated as Watts = Amps x 240v (eg 2.5 Amps x 240V = 600 watts)

4. Do you wish to use multiple appliances from one step up?

Check the  total watts of all devices. This must be less than the VA rating of the stepup & use a Powerboard (Multi Outlet powerstrip).

Spec table:


Step-Up Transformer DImensions Summary:

    Part Number            Ouput     
  Length      Width  
  Height     Weight  
SUA110-100 100 0.41 130 90 70 1.0
SUA110-300 300 1.25 210 160 115 3.7
SUA110-500 500 2.1 210 160 115 4.6
SUA110-1000 1000 4.2 240 165 130 7.6
SUA110-2000 2000 8.3 260 185 140 11.6
SU2000-115/240    2000 8.3 300 240 160 18

Not sure which Step Up you will need? 

Then  please contact us with your answers to the above questions & we will help advise you on the unit required.


Plugs into your USA power and allows you to run Aussie equipment from the transformer:

 Quality toroidal transformer inside 

Note: Click on Below Products for more details & further pictures:

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