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Voltage Stabilizers

AC Voltage Stabilizers for stable single or three-phase output voltages.

Fast and precise, even with large input variations.

Highly reliable and efficient automatic AC Voltage Stabiliser which provides a continuous regulated AC output voltage even with a wide variation in input supply voltage.

Available in single phase 230V / 240V and three phase 400V / 415V with capacities ranging from 2 Kva up to 2000 Kva.
Consists of a motor driven variable auto transformer - Dimmer Dot, buck-boost transformer and a solid state electronic control unit.

 Very good Power Factor
 Maintains Sine Wave Purity
 High efficiency, better than 96%
 High accuracy of + 1%

 Low and high voltage input voltage alarms

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  1. Voltage stabalizer ISO-10 5 KVA

    Voltage stabalizer ISO-10 5 KVA      Part No. ISO-10 5 KVA

    Input: 180 – 270 VAC 1Phase 50 Hz Output: Adjustable 220 - 240VAC + 1% Cooling: Air Natural Cooled Alarms:
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