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Three Phase European Stepdown

3 Phase European step-down - Voltage converter to power your European 3 phase device in Australia

Industrial Step Up / Down Transformers &  Auto Voltage Converter          

For Single Phase and Three Phase 380V  Industrial Machine  Conversions. Also works with Three Phase 380V Chinese and Korean Industrial Machines.

A Transformer is the ideal solution if you want to run an Overseas device NOT designed for the Australian 240 / 415 Volts.

The transformer will convert 415V into 380 Volts to allow your European Overseas Equipment to work here in AUSTRALIA.

We build these converters to Order,  for all Countries and Voltages.  Please Enquire Direct.

These items are mainly for Industrial & Factory environment with High Capacity, Not for Domestic Use.

They must be Hard Wired into the Electrical supply by a Licenced  Electrician  or  Electrical  Contractor.

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3phase auto transformer


tick.gifOff the shelf stock transformers available in ratings - 5kVA, 10kVA, 30kVA, 40kVA with taps and indoor enclosures
tick.gifOur Transformers are of the Highest Quality 
tick.gifAll our Units come with a 5 year Warranty on 3 phase transformers and a 20 year design life!
tick.gifOur unit is Fully Australian Made.  Natural air convetion cooled units with a conservative temperature rise
tick.gif Isolated input to output versions Possible.
tick.gif Circuit breakers, RCBO's, 3 phase plugs and sockets are available as an option.
tick.gif We can include Safety Fuse or Circuit Breaker Protection.
tick.gif Enclosed strong powder coated metal construction. Strong Carry handle/castor wheels available.

  To Help determine which Transformer you will need, please check these questions first:

 1. What is the total watts or VA used by the appliances to be connected to the Transformer?

     Select from our range below, based on how many watts your device uses

     Choose the unit with matching power rating or the next one up.

     Most appliances have a rating label on them.

     E.g: If your device uses 5150 VA you will need a 6000 VA transformer. (6.0kVA)

2. If a timing device or motor is included the Speed of the device may change if the Frequency changes, eg. 50Hz to 60Hz.

    The Transformer cannot change Frequency. In most cases this will not be a problem. This may occur with fans and motors.

3. Do you know the Amps of your 3 Phase device?

    If so you can calculate the watts (kVA) required:

    Calculated as Watts (kVA)= Amps x Volts x 1.732 (eg 4 Amps x 200V x 1.732 = 1385 watts (or 1.4kVA))        For some Loads (non resistive) you will also need to take into account Power Factor (PF), or allow at least 25% Headroom. [ VA * PF = Watts ]

Most loads will be Inductive (motors and compressors) and have low pf around 0.8 or less)

Not sure which Unit you will need?

Then  please contact us with your answers to above questions & we will advise the you the unit required. 


To Order call us on (02) 9642 6003 or send us an Email Enquiry Quoting the Part Number and Version (Open or Enclosed).


Please note if not in stock Manufacturing time of 1-2 weeks required.

Strong Vented Metal Casing 

Unit comes enclosed

or open (no case)

Inside you see our 3 phase transformer:



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