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Three Phase American Stepdown

       3 Phase American step down transformer - Voltage converter to operate your 3-Phase 200/220vac American or Japanese device in Australia

        Industrial Step Up / Down Transformers &  Auto Voltage Converter

For Single Phase and Three Phase 415V 200vac and 220vac suitable for imported American and Japanese machines.

For European/Chinese or Korean Industrial Machine  Conversions.  (see here for European 380v). For  Isolation transformers please click here. 


3 phase Auto American step down

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A Transformer is the ideal solution if you want to run an Overseas device NOT designed for the Australian 240 / 415 Volts.
The transformer will convert 415V into 200 Volts to allow your USA Overseas Equipment to work here in AUSTRALIA.
We build these converters to Order, for all Countries and Voltages.  Please Enquire Direct.
These converters can be manufactured as dry type indoor auto transformer units rated up to 1000kVA (2886.83A @ 200vac)
These items are mainly for Industrial & Factory environment with High Capacity, Not for Domestic Use. Transformers for domestic use are listed here. 
They must be Hard Wired into the Electrical supply by a Licensed Electrician or Electrical Contractor with a suitable circuit breaker. Insulation class of materials used is Class F (155ºC) or Class H (180ºC).

The units are natural convection cooled and require suitable clearance around the transformer. 
The transformer can be manufactured as open units or enclosed in indoor type (IP22)/Outdoor type (IP56) units in Epoxy polyester powder coated mild steel enclosures. 
Stainless steel enclosures are also available for our transformers in marine grade SS316 material suitable for installations with high salt/corrosion content. 
Terminals for connection will either be DIN rail mount blocks/ standard terminal blocks or bus bars depending on the current rating of the transformer.
NOTE: A transformer will only step the voltage up or down depending on its ratio. It will not change the frequency from 50Hz (cycles) to 60Hz. American motors are designed to operate at 60Hz and will be reduced in capacity/speed by around 20% when running on 50Hz supply. However, Tortech transformers have a reduced voltage of 208vac instead of 220vac to compensate the difference in frequency.
About Us: 
Tortech has over 30 years of experience in customised transformers for the defence, transport, mining and the renewable energy industry.
Tortech transformers can be supplied with routine test reports and special type test reports.
Tortech has an ISO9001 quality management system in place to ensure that we minimise errors and increase the reliability of our units.
Tortech offers excellent pre-sales and after sales support, feel free to contact one of our friendly sales staff on (02) 9642 6003.

      American step down transformers are generally manufactured as Auto-transformers and do not provide electrical isolation.
Auto transformers are compact and approx half the size of isolation transformer (415/220vac).
We can also supply the transformers for OEM equipment. We offer special discounts on bulk orders. 
Please visit our isolation transformer page for info on custom made isolated step down transformers.
Transformers are manufactured with copper or aluminium wire and are rated for operation in harsh Australian conditions.
(Our designs are generally based on an ambient temperature of 50ºC, <1000m elevation and <99% Relative humidity (Non condensing).
We have extensive experience in R&D and have engineers dedicated to the research on "Temperature rise of dry type transformers",
We have been conducting presentations on the topic at various Australian universities and Engineers Australia Sydney division.
Tortech has been studying the distribution of forces, fields and heat flux on our transformers using Finite Element Analysis (FEA software).
This has helped us to manufacture special transformers for the defence and research community.

Why Us:

tick.gif Our Transformers are of the Highest Quality. Design life of 25 years.

tick.gifAll our Units come with a 1 Year Money Back Warranty!. Optional Extended warranties are available on request.

tick.gif Our unit is Fully Australian Made. Local pre-sales and after sales support with a fully equipped testing equipment calibrated by an accredited NATA laboratory.

tick.gif Isolated input to output versions are available.

tick.gif We can include Safety Fuse or Circuit Breaker Protection.

tick.gif Transformers can be specially manufactured for installations with low in-rush current requirements.

tick.gif GOSS, NON GOSS, Uni-core and Amorphous core designs are available for special applications.

tick.gif Enclosed or Open units. Enclosures made with powder coated mild steel or stainless steel.

tick.gif Australian and overseas manufactured units are tailor made to suit extreme Australian conditions.

 To Help determine which Transformer you will need, please check these questions first:

1. What is the total watts (kW) or VA used by the appliances to be connected to the Transformer?
-Select from our range below, based on how many watts your device uses
-Choose the unit with matching power rating or the next one up.
-Most appliances have a rating label on them.
E.g: If your device uses 2800W you will need a 3000 VA transformer. (3.0kVA)
Whilst calculating transformer size for machines with motors or compressors, please allow for the power factor of the motor.
ie.. If your motor has a power factor of 0.8, please divide the kW rating by 0.8 to get the kVA rating. This kVA rating can then be used to size the transformer. 1HP-746 Watts.
E.g: If your machine has a 7HP American motor built into it with a power factor of 0.9, you would need (7HP *746)=5.22kW, you would require 5.22/0.9 = a minimum of 6.5kVA rated transformer.
2. If a timing device or motor is included the Speed of the device may change if the Frequency changes, eg. 50Hz to 60Hz.
The Transformer cannot change Frequency. In most cases this will not be a problem. Most modern equipment are built with switch mode power supplies which can operate in a wide range of frequencies.

3. Do you know the Amps of your 3 Phase device? - if so you can calculate the watts (VA) required:
Calculated as Watts (VA)= Amps x Volts x 1.732 (eg 4 Amps x 200V x 1.732 = 1385 watts (or1.4kVA)) For some Loads (non resistive) you will also need to take into account Power Factor (PF), or allow at least 25% Headroom. [ VA * PF = Watts ]. Most loads will be Inductive (motors and compressors) and have low pf around 0.8 or less)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Also Available in 200 or 220V phase to phase 50hz

It is important you check with one of our engineers before ordering to see whether 200v or 220v unit is required.

 If you wish to order please check the part number below and submit an enquiry here

Not sure which Unit you will need?

Please call (02) 9642 6003 for more detailed information, alternatively you can contact us via e-mail

**Please note if not in stock Manufacturing time of 1-2 weeks* required.

* Subject to change based on work in progress.

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