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Mike Larkin


   1. 1975-1984: Power Transformer Designer at Tyree Westinghouse at Moore Bank, NSW Specialised in Current and Instrument                  Transformer Design, including high voltage 500 KV CT, 500 KV CVT, Line traps and magnetic voltage transformers.

   2. 1985-1987: Power Transformer Designer at Ferguson Transformers at Moore Bank, NSW Specialised in three phase transformers          and control gear for HID equipment, including lighting control design for Western Australia Cricket ground and MCG.

   3. 1987-Present: Established two companies: Tortech Pty Ltd and Tortech Lighting Pty Ltd at Greenacre, NSW. We Quote, Design,            Manufacture, Test and organise approvals for transformers, lighting, Inverters, Inductors, etc. We import and export both in                    Australia and overseas to countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, China, New Zealand


3-Phase Induced Test with Electronic Frequency Generator
January 24, 2017


  • This Test is performed to test the inter-turn and layer to
    layer  voltage within the winding of the transformer.













Short Circuit Strength of 3-Phase Transformers
July 10, 2016





Concepts of Partial Discharge in Cast Resin Transformers
May 22, 2016 



DC Power to 3-Phase Power Conversion
May 23, 2013 




Phase Converter - Single to Three Phase
November 29, 2011 









Transformer based Pure Sine wave Inverter


Introducing the Tortech TXF Series Pure sine wave Inverter 

Similar looking inverters are not capable of the full range of capabilities of the Tortech TXF series inverters!.

Read about these important comparison differences.


      tick.gif Testing - All inverters are 100% tested on load battery at Tortech in Sydney.

           This  guarantees all the inverter characteristics and charger performance.

      tick.gif Our transformer based inverter has a circuit breaker on the DC and AC side for protection. 

           This provides excellent short circuit protection under all conditions.

     tick.gif These inverter have a 3 stage battery charger incorporated into the inverter 

           So when the 240v AC is available on the AC side you are able to charge the battery which is  connected on the DC side.(something an electronic inverter can not do)

 Read more  here

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