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About The Company :

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About Tortech Pty Ltd - ABN: 36003233350 ACN: 00323350

Established in 1987 Tortech a privately owned Australian business focuses on the design and manufacture of a wide range of transformers

We manufacturer transformers, inverters, power supplies, single to three phase conversion,  variacs, and custom designed transformers.


Trading Hours: 8.30am - 5.30pm Mon - Friday. Sat- Sun Closed.

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 Tortech Mission Statement 

Manufacturing Quality Standards:

Our ongoing Quaility commitment ensures that our products are manufactured to ISO9001 standards.

Built to Australian standards we have a rigorous testing and quality management procedures in place

All products come with a 1 Year Warranty, serving and support.

Read more about our Tortech's quality certifications 

Global Mark Certification  ISO9001 certificate



TorTech prides itself on its ability, through its strong network of international engineering connections, to stay at the leading edge of latest developoments in product and technology. TorTech handles a comprehensive range of transformers and has the manufacturing facilities both locally and overseas to design application solutions tailored to the needs of both OEMs and small quantity purchasers. Commitment across the business involves valuing close and sustainable relationships with customers through service, quality products and practices and a high level of technical support.

TorTech supplies transformers for use in areas such as:

• Lighting

• Satellite Communications

• Power Supplies/DC-DC Converters

• Power Isolation and Conversion

• USA and International Power Conversion

• Medical Equipment

Local Manufacturing

International manufacturers will only massproduce designs in large runs of 100s and even 1,000s.Projects do not always require such large quantities and so our Australian based factories, combined with our engineering resources, provides our customers with a quick and efficient method to produce prototypes as well as small quantity runs. Our Australian made units are fully tested before dispatch, to ensure each
unit maintains the quality of our high manufacturing standard.

Importing Expertise

From our wide range of proven overseas suppliers, we can select the most suitable for your needs. Our expertise in importation ensures a hassle free delivery.
Our Engineers travel frequently overseas on your behalf to inspect, negotiate and audit over the production process. You can be
confident that the products are made to a high standard and conform to your delivery deadlines.

Custom Design and Engineering

Most products, especially those used in custom projects, are rarely a standard ‘off the
shelf’ item. Our engineers can design products to meet your requirements. This, combined with our
ability to manufacture locally, makes us the perfect choice for prototyping and custom
design work. Speak to one of our Sales Engineers for more information.

Transformer Range:

· Toroidal Transformers
· Toroidal Lighting Transformers
· Convention Transformers
· Stepdown Transformers 
· Low Voltage Stepdown Transformers
· Enclosed Isolation Transformers
· Printed Circuit Board Transformers
· ASM Series Transformers 
· IP 67 Underground Transformers

The Benefits and Activities which define Tortech:


Tortech Mission Statement:

· To be the premium transformer supplier in Australia
· To supply, source, design and manufacture quality transformers to meet customers’ requirements 
· To build good long term relationships with our customers through cooperation 
To create a positive, “I CAN” approach

Marketing Philosophy:
TORTECH has striven hard to establish itself principally as a high quality OEM supplier to the Audio, Television and Hi-Fi industry. The lighting, Power Supply and Electrical Machinery industries. The company has a well structured distribution network. Our specialised services to the suppliers of Medical Equipment include tailor made design and approval through the appropriate Government authorities.

Customer service and support:
TORTECH offers full design and development facilities. Our vast experience and contacts in Approvals of transformers and power supplies ensures fast tracking of approvals at reasonable prices.
All TORTECH products comply with VDE 0550 as a minimum standard and the company holds international certification for various standard and OEM products.


*Tortech specialises in the following:
*Toroidal power transformers 
*Toroidal printed circuit transformers
*Toroidal transformers for halogen lighting
*Toroidal filter & storage chokes
*Current compensated noise suppression chokes 
*Fly back converters 
*Stepdown transformers
*Isolation transformers
*Plug packs
*Current Transformers, Power, Audio, Low Voltage lighting and Isolation transformers;
*Auto transformers and chokes;
*Switchmode transformers and chokes (through hole and surface mount). 
*Linear and Switchmode Power supplies.

Our range of Standard and OEM toroids extends from 5VA to 10VA in single units and up to 22.5kVA in three phases or parallel single phase operation.
A wide range of constructions and finishes are offered. 
Mounting methods available include standard, centre potted or total encapsulation
Offer full design and development facilities free of charge to existing and prospective customers with no obligation.

Other design features include:
Inter-winding screens, Magnetic field screening with silicon steel or Mu-Metal together with a variety of lead out and termination configurations. Single phase laminated transformers up to an including 40KVA Laminated 3 phase transformers up to an including 50KVA rating open and enclosed construction. 

*Fourteen toroidal winding/insulation machines.
*Hewlett Packard calibrated precision test equipment.
*Automatic electronic turns testing machines.
*Automatic lead stripping equipment.
*All equipment calibrated yearly at minimum.
*Medical testing Equipment to IEC 601.1

TORTECH has striven hard to establish itself principally as a high quality OEM supplier to the Audio, Television and Hi-Fi industry. The lighting, Power Supply and Electrical Machinery industries. The company has a well structured distribution network. Our specialised services to the suppliers of Medical Equipment include tailor made design and approval through the appropriate Government authorities.

All TORTECH products comply with VDE 0550 as a minimum standard and the company holds international certification for various standard and OEM products. 
Approvals include:
IEC 742, AS/NZS 61558 and Austel compliance.
Product to UL544 standards available.

About Michael Larkin

My name is Michael Larkin, I am the Managing Director and owner of Tortech Pty Ltd.

As a young teenager I was always interested in electricity, my spare time was spent fixing and adjusting old valve radios. My hero was Nicola Tesla and I studied all his work. I completed my HSC at Christian Brothers Lewisham and was fortunate to win a scholarship to UNSW sponsored by Sir William Tyree, owner of Tyree Electrical. At University, my major was in power engineering and I graduated with honours. On completion of my Degree in Electrical Engineering, Tyree Electrical offered me a position at the large Moorebank transformer factory. I was always grateful to Sir William Tyree for helping with my career.

At Tyree Electrical, my training was scheduled from the ground up - starting from the shop floor in the electrical wiring department for the transformers to the Tyree engineering office. Here I worked with many experienced overseas transformer engineers, learning from the “Masters”, before I was allowed to design a transformer. Transformers were designed by hand in those days using a slide rule. My education in power transformers was developed with my first design of a Oil Natural Air Forced 10 M VA and 15 KVA at 33Kv medium size power transformers. Later I progressed to the instrument transformer division, where I designed 3150A line traps, single phase 66 kv + 132 kv voltage transformers, plus high voltage current transformers. In this capacity, I was given the task of designing the first 500 kv current transformer in Australia (for ECNSW and SECV) plus the second 500v capacity voltage transformer (for SECV) in Australia. This involved extensive testing and proto typing and was a great experience for an electrical engineer at the age of 28.

Later I was involved with an R & D project to build a 500kv cascade magnetic voltage transformer at 500kv/√3. This was the most challenging and most interesting project. This High Voltage Transformer was later calibrated by the Natural Measurement Labs in Sydney, NSW. I also contributed to the design of the new high voltage laboratory and the new vacuum/autoclave to allow impregnation of the large HV current transformer. This involved new knowledge about pumps and vacuum, plus an understanding the drying process of insulation and how moisture must be removed from large insulation structures.

At the age of 30, I was invited to join a new company called Ferguson Transformers. The highlight of this experience was being able to design the WACCA cricket ground light control equipment using 2000W Metal halide high power lights. These lights are still working today 30 years later.

At Ferguson I learnt about conventional transformers inductors and chokes for lighting products, including HID lights and fluorescent lights. This was a new and exciting world for me, where I learnt the art of thermal design and thermal cooling, for transformer products. While at Ferguson, I completed a post graduate degree at Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education in Marketing and Finance and was mentored by Mr Les Terrans, who taught me the art of Sales and Communication.

In 1987 after 9 years at Tyree and 3 years at Ferguson Transformers, I saw a “void” in the Australian marketplace for supplying toroidal transformers and so decided to start my own business, setting up Tortech Pty Ltd, specialising in Toroidal Transformers.

It was an exciting time, the best of both worlds as we set up local manufacturing and also imported transformers from Europe, Asia and New Zealand.

Today (2017) as we provide employment for the newer generation of Electrical engineers, we are also proud of our employees who have worked with us for 20+ years’ experience.

In 2012, we diversified into the LED lighting business. Offering LED tubes, and then LED high bays LED panels keeping pace with the Energy efficiency opportunities in the market place.

With the growth of the solar and wind power sector, we are now expanding into the large 3 phase transformer market, supplying the outdoor transformers for the railways in NSW and QLD. We also built and designed a 1.6 MVA 6.6 KV / 400v custom dry type transformer. This project was for the SQUARE KILOMETER ARRAY in Western Australia. It was part of the largest radio telescope built in the world, (half in Australia, and half in South Africa). It was managed by the CSIRO.

This year we have built a high current and voltage testing laboratory to test 3 phase transformers. This testing consists of no load and full load temperature testing, high frequency induce testing, 100 KV High Voltage 50 Hz testing equipment, plus the introduction of partial discharge testing for 33KV rated 3 phase transformers.

At Tortech we have the facility to teach university students about 3 phase transformer manufacture and testing. In conjunction with the UNSW, we provide a mentoring program. We also have a formal internship program to give young under graduates the chance to learn “at the coal face”, developing skills in electrical engineering, receiving formal and practical training.

In the coming years, as energy efficiency becomes more important to the world, Tortech will be keeping abreast of the changes and challenges with technical innovation in manufacture and design at both a local and global market level. I enjoy all aspects of Tortech Business and look forward to passing on my knowledge to the young engineers of the future.