600VA Single to Three Phase Converter for Educational Applications

Tortech has completed a new Innovative design – A Single Phase to Three Phase converter which plugs into a standard 10A 240V Australian outlet and produces a 3-Phase 41.5V supply with neutral. The power rating for this rotary three phase converter is 600VA.

The idea for this converter is to implement this converter as an educational piece of equipment in Tafes/Universities to allow students to do 3-Phase experiments or Single phase loads at a safe voltage. This is an innovative but useful teaching tool. You will be able to adjust & equalise the voltages to within 1% between the phase to phase voltages and the phase to neutral voltages on the 41.5V LV side (which previously was quite difficult).

We initial had difficulties with one phase where the voltage was considerably lower. To resolve this, we determined that you must use more switching devices and carefully tune the run capacitors and adjust the taps on the output transformer. Normal single phase to 3 phase converters would not be have as close of accuracy and equalisation of the voltages that this project was able to achieve. The phase shift between each phase voltage also had to be equalised as well as the absolute value of the phase to neutral voltage. The phase shift was 120 +/- 5 Degrees if the voltages to neutral were adjust to be equal. This is what the power authorities require of the 3-Phase 415V supply.

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